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Russian B-39 Foxtrot in Seattle - School of the Boat Photo
Series One: Forward Torpedo Room (Compartment No. 1)
Photo 122 is the aft PORT corner of FTR. The valves shown have been identified and re-painted. Top light blue is Fresh Water Supply to FTR from the main header. Next one down, oval, light blue, is Fresh Water Supply to Fire Chemical Foam Plant in bilge. The two below that are brown, hydraulic supply and return to the compartment. 3 main Hydraulic pumps are located in ATR, with an emergency backup in the Pump Room. Below the hydraulic valves is one of the Chemical Fire Hose Reels. Behind it all is the Port Ventilation Suction line.

Series One - Fwd Torpedo Room Navigation:
113: Fwd Freon Fire Station, Port 114: Fwd Torp Rm, Port
115: Fwd Torp Rm, Ovhd 116: Fwd Torp Rm, Stbd
117: Fwd Torp Rm Racks, Stbd 118: Fwd Torp Rm Rack Area, Port
119: Fwd Torp Rm Rack Breech Doors 120: Fwd Torp Rm Aft Bulkhead
121: Fwd Torp Rm Main Vent Actuator 122: Fwd Torp Rm Aft Port Corner

Photos and text compiled by Dave Goodson, Chief of the Boat - Main Menu