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Russian B-39 Foxtrot in Seattle - School of the Boat Photo
Series One: Forward Torpedo Room (Compartment No. 1)
Photo #115 is of the overhead, aft of the breech doors, forward of the racks. The large mechanisms shown with the red handles are the actuators for the bow planes. The Port unit is for elevate and depress the planes, a brass plate and pointer is visible on the left side on the vertical shaft going up through the pressure hull to indicate angle. The STBD unit is retract and extend, the scale for position is visible between the 2 actuators next to the horizontal manual torpedo moving shaft. The red handles are the brakes or locks that are operated when the planes are centered so they can be retracted and not move while doing so, and to keep the planes from drifting back in while operating when the hydraulic "switch" is off and the ram has internal leakage. The dark spot on the right of the photo just above the centerline is the hydraulic "switch" to operate the extend/retract actuator. The shaft between the actuators with the pulley at the forward end is part of the Torpedo Lift and Traverse mechanism. If they had a casualty, no power, or needed to be quiet while loading (right), we have the black plastic with metal rings imbedded "chain" to operate manually. The vertical orange bar is the forward skid support, but Igor tells me its primary purpose is to keep the fish from falling off the skids in rough seas. The forward end of the STBD pressure ventilation duct is between the skid support and the bow planes actuators.

Series One - Fwd Torpedo Room Navigation:
113: Fwd Freon Fire Station, Port 114: Fwd Torp Rm, Port
115: Fwd Torp Rm, Ovhd 116: Fwd Torp Rm, Stbd
117: Fwd Torp Rm Racks, Stbd 118: Fwd Torp Rm Rack Area, Port
119: Fwd Torp Rm Rack Breech Doors 120: Fwd Torp Rm Aft Bulkhead
121: Fwd Torp Rm Main Vent Actuator 122: Fwd Torp Rm Aft Port Corner

Photos and text compiled by Dave Goodson, Chief of the Boat - Main Menu