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Russian B-39 Foxtrot in Seattle - School of the Boat Photo
Series One: Forward Torpedo Room (Compartment No. 1)
Photo #120 is of the Pressure Bulkhead at the aft end of FTR. The 31-1/2" WTD to FB is visible to the right. The red prop shield on the torpedo is visible lower left. The blue capstan for loading fish is visible lower center. Directly above it is the compartment drain handle. Above the horizontal part of the drain crank begins the FWD EMBT Blow manifold, where you can blow individual tanks or open them all and blow off the top valve as the group blow. In the upper left is one of the blue handles for Compartment Salvage Air. FTR and ATR have 2, all other compartments have 3, one for the compartment you are in, one for the compartment forward of you, one for the compartment aft of you. The blue item directly above the upper handrail is one of the Torpedo Securing clips. Not yet sure if this is to drag them out of the tube or to lock them in place during angles and dangles. I have not yet found the actual part that fits into this to know for certain.

Series One - Fwd Torpedo Room Navigation:
113: Fwd Freon Fire Station, Port 114: Fwd Torp Rm, Port
115: Fwd Torp Rm, Ovhd 116: Fwd Torp Rm, Stbd
117: Fwd Torp Rm Racks, Stbd 118: Fwd Torp Rm Rack Area, Port
119: Fwd Torp Rm Rack Breech Doors 120: Fwd Torp Rm Aft Bulkhead
121: Fwd Torp Rm Main Vent Actuator 122: Fwd Torp Rm Aft Port Corner

Photos and text compiled by Dave Goodson, Chief of the Boat - Main Menu