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Russian B-39 Foxtrot in Seattle - School of the Boat Photo
Series One: Forward Torpedo Room (Compartment No. 1)
Photo #116 is of STBD side of FTR, showing the breech doors. The panel shown is the firing panel. The flasks on the bottom are charged with firing air to a set pressure, shown on the gauges directly above them. The valves above the gauges open the air to the firing levers. These levers are stolen from old Frigidaire Refrigerators. When pulled, the tip pushes the air valve, dumping the air to the tube, and if you're REAL quick you can see the air spike the gauges above that (not shown). The snall items partially cut off in the photo are the lights from Control telling them which to fire. The green valve in the deck just to the right of the air flasks is the manual vent for the WRT's, has to be opened before you fire. The laarge ORANGE valve with green handle it the drain from vertical WRT's into main WRT. There are three blowback lines, one shown, from the tubes to the WRT's. This is seen above the air flasks.

Series One - Fwd Torpedo Room Navigation:
113: Fwd Freon Fire Station, Port 114: Fwd Torp Rm, Port
115: Fwd Torp Rm, Ovhd 116: Fwd Torp Rm, Stbd
117: Fwd Torp Rm Racks, Stbd 118: Fwd Torp Rm Rack Area, Port
119: Fwd Torp Rm Rack Breech Doors 120: Fwd Torp Rm Aft Bulkhead
121: Fwd Torp Rm Main Vent Actuator 122: Fwd Torp Rm Aft Port Corner

Photos and text compiled by Dave Goodson, Chief of the Boat - Main Menu