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New USSVI Tacoma WA base forming.
New Naval Institute Press book: Run Silent, by Philip Kaplan
A submarine book you may not have seen: Red Scorpion
Pilot transfer Aussie style.
New poem "The Diesel Boat" by Robert King
USS Sea Leopard SS-483 photo album from 1954.
Memorial Day photos from David Palagyi.
New: Information on possible reunion locations. Information received from facilities that cater to submarine sailors.
Seattle Base visit to the B39 Russian Foxtrot boat.
A tribute to Robert Bills - Commander of USS Sealion and USS Torsk.
A book that's getting rave reviews: United States Submarines 
Submarine art by Jack Geng 
Have you taken the virtual tour of the USS Trout? [4/2002]
Canada's first female submariner.  
USS Pickerel crew list from Thanksgiving, 1955. 
Raising the Hunley: Book, Audio tape and CD now available.  History channel videos updated.[3/2002]
Submarine Officer's Spouse's Association - New Site [3/2002]
Submarine "Funny money"
Help place the USS Sailfish SS-572 on permanent display in Florida.
Recent photos from enlisted MOH winner Henry Breault gravesite by John Wynn.
Meet George Thomas, submariner and violin maker.
Submarine Artists:
USS Dolphin photos by Frank Toon [10/01]
An exceptional Torsk work weekend! [10/01]
USS Tusk photos by Doug Chartier [10/01]
Nate Pierce - Squalus survivor, becomes Kentucky Colonel.  [9/2001]
Images from September 11, 2001
Check out Pat Householder's new USS Chopper website.
Have you visited Sid Harrison's sea story page lately?
Bluegill (SS-242) site updated. [9/6/01]
More USS Sargo stories by Bart Bartholomew [8/24/01].
New Tommy Cox CD now on sale.
Significant updates have been made in the USS Archerfish (SS/AGSS-311) patrol report pages (maintained by Jerry Cornelison).
Have you read "USS Albacore, Forerunner of the Future."
Visit the Kitchen Table Gang's website.  Charlie Taliaferro, of the "Gang" visited and spoke at the recent Bash in Raymond, CA.  Charlie is not a submariner but was very readily accepted, and appreciated, at the Bash and was one of the first to post photos from the event. They're doing simple things with BIG results. 
Bash at the Ranch - 2001  was a success beyond description!  Many thanks to Gary and Sue McLaughlin for putting on the biggest sailor party ever.  Visit the Bash Memories pages to see some things that will give you a feel for what went on. You can still see who attended: guest list , and order your very own official Bash Video (downloadable order form (Adobe pdf file) here). 
Click here to order a copy of shipmate John Mansfield's book, "Cruisers for Breakfast: War Patrols of the USS Darter and USS Dace", a book I'm reading at the moment.
More photos from the recent USSVI tour of the USS Blueback SS-581.
More from WWII veteran Bart Bartholomew. This time we go aboard the
USS Sargo SS-188 (plus a little bit of Bonefish for good measure). "Victory at Sea" music now available via the History Channel
Crunch! - Things that go bump in the night.
Seattle area USSVI Holland Club induction ceremony.
We have a new page on the Bonefish (thanks to Bart Bartholomew).
The new Biography section is available today (4/17) with a biography of Howard Gilmore by Gene Mazza.
Check out Peter Sasgen's book, "Red Scorpion: The War Patrols of the USS Rasher,"  published by the Naval Institute Press.