Photos/captions by Doug Chartier (Sharkey)

This me, Sharkey at the Rota Naval base when we first arrived in 1960 to begin a cruise. 19 years old, arrogant, probably a snot nosed kid. About a year later, qualified, I was finally humble enough to be called a real "Bubblehead." God bless all the great guys I served with who took the time to do that to me, make a man out of me I mean.

Moored stern to, Med style in Naples, 1960, liberty time. I hope to ID all the guys soon. I took the pic.

Moored in Porto Portugal summer 1960 and all hands are ashore, ceptin us kids. The tides ran 18 feet or so here.

Me in the middle with two other kids down in the crater of  Vesuvius, Naples. Went to see the newly discovered ruins of Pompei after this.

Geez, what a punk! Note the lack of belt or anything Naval at all.  We alongside fuelling in Rota here, I look like a gangbanger does today. Also note the new dungarees. I was a a EM and as such I went through 2-3 pairs of them a month crawling around on top of the battery cells. Acid. They even look shiny!

Good shot of the Tusk in Naples Med moored. Tell Cowboy the numbers were both welded and painted regularly by me! Also a curious note: At sea we never took down the ensign aft. It would submerge with us, still flying. Standard practice?

That is the COB, Italian named guy. I think he got off soon after as I remember a "Ski" as the COB.

I hope the guys like these. I have many more. - Sharkey


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