USS Tusk SS-426
Thanks to Richard Gottardi for the following photos.  Below is Richard's email to me that included the photos.  The message explains them:

Hello. Enjoyed viewing your web page, "Submarine Sailors." Also saw the pictures of the USS TUSK SS426 by "Sharkey." I was on the Tusk for two years, 1946-48 as a Radioman 3rd Class. During my cruise we were doing maneuvers in the Atlantic near the African coast and collided with the Hospital Ship Consolation while coming up to periscope depth, 60 feet. We suffered extensive damage and could not submerge. Consequently, we had to travel on the surface through a hurricane back to home port in Philadelphia. where the Tusk was repaired and retrofitted to the Guppy class. I have included photos of myself, Richard Gottardi, RM3/c, and of the damage and repair in dry-dock. You may want to post all or some of these photos. Calm seas, Richard.

Richard Gottardi

And here are a few of Richard Gottardi

[This is a classic photo - Ed.]

Liberty Call - Smoke 'em if you got 'em...

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