T h e    D i e s e l    Boat

As Waters Cool And Loved Ones Grieve
From The Pier The Boat Would Leave
Past The Point In Misty Shroud
Ghostly Engines Fading From Aloud

Underway Through History's Troubled Pages
Carefree Dolphins Marked The Way
Slipped Beneath As Ocean Rages
Leaving None With Which To Play

She Would Strike A Crowing Enemy
A Spreading Fatal Blow
That Gave The God's Of The Rising Son
The Taste Of Fear To Know

No Markers Herald Their Watery Graves
Under Wind Swept Seas and Rolling Waves
Silent Sailors On Eternal Patrol
Scan Endless Skies For Kindred Soul

Once More She Sailed From Lonely Piers
As Cold War Drums Beat Mortal Fears
To Enter Dark Waters Of The Snarling Bear
And Bring Home Secrets Hidden There

Now These Warriors Of The Deep
Rust At Pierside As We Weep
Forgotten By All But Those That Rode
And Lived Their Lives By Silent Code

When I At Last Cede This Salt Water Earth
Lay Me Down On A Submarine's Berth
Let Me Hear Again The Engines Roar
And Sound The Klaxon's Song Once More

So Set The Course For Heaven's Gate
Though The Day Grows Long And The Hour Late
I Must report To Those Who Wait
For This Then Is The Submariner's Fate

By Robert King ("RC")

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