Shipmates and Friends: The Bash at the Ranch 2001 was certainly one of those "you had to be there" events. These pages make an attempt to capture the sites, sounds and incredible atmosphere born from rekindled friendships and the making of many new ones.

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  • (not currently available due to space restrictions) Bash video preview (5 mb mov file - you'll need download the Quicktime movie player to view if you don't already have it).  This is a very nice sampler of the actual video.
  • (not currently available due to space restrictions) A short video clip (4.6 mb mov file) of the Kursk tribute.  Shot by Pat McGinnis and assembled by Pat and his wife Jane (see Special Friends of the Bash below for more info on McGinnis video productions)
  • BBS posts regarding the Bash Video

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  • Honey Bun (from South Pacific but truly made famous by the Bash Girls - thanks to Dave Stoops for sending it this way)

Bash II - Gary's Last Bash

  • Sadly, Gary left us on September 17, 2005 but there was another Bash in his honor .
  • Burial at Sea: In December 2005, Sue McLaughlin reported that Gary's ashes were buried at sea. Per Commanding Officer of the USS Salt Lake City, Commander T L Howard: “the burial at sea ceremony took place on 28 October [2005] at 1530, approximately 12 nautical miles southwest of San Diego at coordinates 32 degrees 36.7N - 117 degrees 25.2W. The temperature was a pleasant 65 degrees under sunny skies. Under these conditions, both the religious and military ceremonies were conducted with dignity and solemnity. The ship’s Engineer Officer, LCDR Larry A Myers, Jr., U S Navy, was the military commander of the ceremony. The cremains were committed to the sea as the ship silently submerged below the calm seas of the Pacific Ocean.” The USS Salt Lake City then continued her final deployment to the Arctic and subsequent transit to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
  • Burial at Sea full report from Jim Rogers: After a very moving and memorable service at The Ranch attended by many from the Submarine Community, a very brief service,  attended by only about six, was held beside the tack room at the ranch.  At that time, the urn containing Garys' cremains was transfered to the care of Jim Rogers, L.A./PASADENA Base Commander, to be delivered to an active duty submarine for casting at sea.

    Jim did contact T.L. Howard ,Capt. and C.O. of the USS Salt Lake City SSN 716.  On 11 October 2005 a white glove service was held at the Submarine Memorial Point Loma, San Diego. In attendance were Mark Maynard Memorial Chair L.A. Chapter SubVets WWII and Ed Armstrong Pres. L.A. Chapter SubVets WWII, both of whom are Submariners of WWII plus Jim Rogers and the C.O.B. and another Officer of USS Salt Lake City.

    On 28 October 2005, Salt Lake City departed San Diego for deployment to the East Coast via the Northern Route.  At 1530 at approx 12 Nautical miles southwest of San Diego at coordinates 32Deg 36.7N-117Deg25.2W, a very solomn ceremony was conducted topside.  The Ship's Engineering Officer, LCDR Larry A.Myers Jr., US Navy was the military commander of the ceremony. The cremains were committed to the sea as the submarine silently submerged below the calm seas of the Pacific Ocean. 

    Upon reaching the East Coast an American flag, GPS Chart and letter from the C.O. of Salt Lake City was sent to Ms. Sue McLaughlin.  As Commander of the Los Angeles/Pasadena Base USSVI and on behalf of our Membership a very heart-felt "Sailor rest your oar and Hand salute."  I am very honored to have played a role in the Eternal Patrol of Gary McLaughlin. May he find calm winds, smooth seas on his Final Patrol.