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After reading the various BBS posts and getting several e-mails re the Bash video I was starting to get a little buggy, sort of like flashbacks of channel fever. Last night as I pull in the driveway I spied a package bulging from the mailbox. Could it be? YESS!! Like a kid on Christmas morning I rip the package open and make a dash for the TV. No 6 o’clock news tonight!

Now I must admit, when I ordered mine I was skeptical. I’ve sat through my share of home movies and vacation slide shows. On several occasions I’ve paid big bucks for a ‘professional’ videographer to make tapes of my dive group trips for the clients only to be disappointed with the final product. So I was anxious. Well fellers, let me tell you what. Technically speaking, McGinnis Productions has put together a fine product. But beyond that, the video captured the essence of the Bash. Watching it brought back a flood of memories and emotions. There in scene after scene you can see the essence in the hugs, the grins and the handshakes. It is there in the carefully edited compression of the weekend. From speeches and singing to chow lines and work parties. From the music of The Sons of the San Joaquin and the karaoke to Tommy Cox. From the national ensign to the tolling of the boats to the bagpiper, it was there. 

It was the bond of the young sailors, now old men, who rode the boats spanning the years back to WWII. Although I never loaded stores and put to sea with any of the sailors who were at the bash, each was my shipmate. You could see it in the twinkle of the eye during introductions or conversation. The look that said “Hello Brother.” That was the essence of the Bash for me. Thanks Pat and Jane for putting it on tape and again thanks Gary and Sue for making it all possible.

-- Diver Dale

Got it today, does tend to stir the emotions. I genuinely miss all of you and that great weekend. Some how and somewhere we all have to get together again. Again Gary and Sue a simple thank you just doesn't seem enough, but right now that's all I have. You reside in a special spot in our hearts and I thank you for all you did for all of us.

-- Tom Ferguson

Thanks Cowboy for the "Bash at the Ranch" video which I received yesterday.

The camaraderie that the submarine veterans have is only equaled by their loyal service to this great country of ours.

As so many of you have said, I too shed a tear or two -especially at the ringing of the bell and remembering those on eternal patrol.

Captain Peters told me "Charlie, isn't this the greatest bunch of guys you ever met?" I agree for I met so many folks whose names will be with me till the end of my days.

I deal with all the U.S. services on a regular basis, but my heart is with the men of the "boats." Hand salute to you all!!!!!

-- Charlie Taliaferro

I'm sitting here, typing and watching the video of the Bash at the Ranch.

There's Dave Stoops, Ric Hedman and Don Gentry, dressed in the most bilious hula skirts and coconut brassieres I have ever seen, singing a terrible rendition of what was once a really great song from the musical South Pacific. After hearing this, I think both Rogers and Hammerstein would dis-own their work.

Then there is Ray (OldGoat) Stone receiving five more of his infamous ties. Ties that would both clear your sinuses and cause you to go deaf at the same time. Talk about LOUD!

Thanks to Pat and Jane McGinnis for their hard work on the video.

Thanks to Cowboy and CinCHouse for the opportunity to join, and share in, the camaraderie, the festivities, and yes, the love amongst men who go down to the sea in ships, and put themselves into harm's way.

-- Jon Krup, Skimmer - Minesweeps

Went to the B@TR... had the greatest of times.

Got the video yesterday... BETTER'N the movie "Woodstock" because the attendees were a few cuts above (too bad the footage of Cap'n Peters smashing the guitar onstage was edited out).

Dustin is still talking about JrKrup, Skimmer, teaching him how to break eggs 2 at a time in each hand!

And I'm thinkin' that all those months underwater were finally rewarded by Cowboy and CinCHouse.

-- Phil Sutton

Got mine today down here in Southern California. Great tape!! Can't wait to share it with my wife and the rest of my family.

Many thanks to the McGinnis'. They did a fantastic job on this tape. With the hours and hours of video they shot, they edited it down in such a way that they captured the flavor of the complete Bash. The selection and addition of the background music adds even more to the tape.

Thanks again Cowboy and CinCHouse for creating the opportunity for this tape to be created in the first place!

-- Corny

Lynne and I just watched our copy of this priceless work. We laughed, cried, and most of all, loved it!

Seeing Don & company "in costume" again had me rolling on the floor!

BRAVO ZULU McGinnis Productions!

-- Bill Linne

Well I took my bash video over to a bud's last night and shared it with him (about the 8th showing for me but who's counting) and my emotions are the same as the first time I viewed it. Pat & Jan you have done one hell of a job capturing the essence of the Bash. Every time I catch something else that i didn't quite get the last time I viewed the tape. This time what struck me most was Cowboy's smile. He has one of those smiles that catch on and spreads to everyone around him. I'll never forget the faces but damn'd if I can remember names except a few common names like Corny or Steamboat, names I hear all the time ya know. . .
Just some thoughts I thought I'd share is all. Dave, Don, Ric, a little advice, DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOBS!

-- PEP


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