Submariners and Cigars

   A woman is just a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke!

Recommendations from Submariners:

Gary "Cowboy" McLaughlin - Best torpedo around, for my money, is the Bauza No. 12. Available at a quite reasonable price from Thompson Cigars, and rate a 92 by Cigar Aficianado.

If you can handle the tariff, never pass up a Cohiba, and Partagas no. 10 is also an excellent smoke.

Remember too, that a woman is just a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke!

Cliff Nutter - I think my all around favorite is the Ashton Cabinet Series, and then the Partagas 150. Both on the mild side, good flavor.

Ray "Olgoat" Stone - As for me, I have a few particular favorites:

- Cohiba Red Dot Lonsdale Grande
- Partagas Aristocrat
- Monticristo #3

And for an all-around good smoke, I always keep a few Macanudo Duke of Devon cigars handy.

For the most part, I buy my cigars from They have a great selection and are WAY cheaper than Thompson Cigar (see for yourself) that Cowboy recommends. For example, Duke of Devons at $55.95 versus $125.00 at Thompsons...

Anyway, I recommend getting one of their sampler packs - you can get six of the highest rated by Cigar Aficionado for about forty bucks.

My two cents...

Roy Ator - Antonio Y Cleopatra - panatela is my smoke of choice. I buy on base for $25 box of fifty. I don't care for their corona.

However, my cardiologist still says that one per year is too many! Says, "It thickens the blood." I don't smoke them indoors but my pickup is rather rank.

Bill Whalen - My source:
Bauza Fabulosos, Box Of 25 $95.00

Thompson: $152.00

The cigar I smoke every day: "Mr B" by PALICIO (7.50 x 45) Maduro wrapper 20 for $9.95. (Machine made, but it keeps me from going broke...)

If I was gonna share a box of cigars with you guys at the local gin mill:

CONSUEGRA #14 (7.00 x 52) Maduro 25 for $29.95

BTW: call 1-800-JR CIGAR and ask for a catalog, or go to 

Rothman, the guy that runs JR Cigars is a NYC pip! He takes no shit from no boddy!

Supplier Recommendations

Canadian Cigar Company - They have a cuban cigar club!

JR Cigars

Finck Cigar Company

Thompson Cigar Company

I have no feedback on the following suppliers but was asked by them to be added here. Please feel free to comment on your experiences with these suppliers:

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