Russian Foxtrot Submarine - B39

School of the Boat for Docents - May 23, 2002

These are photos taken during the first "school of the boat" for docent volunteers in Seattle.  

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Pat Householder and Charlie Ryan

Conning Tower - Starboard


Forward Torpedo Room

Forward Torpedo Room


Forward Torpedo Room

Forward Torpedo Room


Command Center (Control)

Charlie Ryan at the forward scope


Bob Opple, Charlie Ryan, Ric Hedman

Don Gentry


Dave Goodson assists Bob Opple (in the motor room bilge)

Port and center motor control stations (opposite facing handwheel at left of photo is the contol station for the "creeper" motor)


After torpedo room

The first group of Foxtrot docents in the after room


After torpedo room

Dave Goodson and Karl Krompholz


Dave Goodson in the engine room

Forward torpedo room


Public access ladder - this is the free-flooding space above the forward room - note the tanks are external to the pressure hull


Bow planes rig in by rotating aft, into the hull. 
The red/white area is the marker buoy.

Same shot from the conning tower.


Inside the conning tower

Downtown Seattle from the conning tower


Starboard side door leads you to the ladder inside the conning tower

The B39 with Seattle in the background


The B39 with Seattle in the background

Looking aft, Seattle ferries in the background


A temporary ladder is rigged so we can go ashore

Charlie Ryan makes his way to the pier (Karl Krompholz and Peter McCafferty poised to lend a hand)


Pat Householder setting the watch bill

...and finding his name too many times

Photos by Patrick Householder Below:

The Foxtrot Docent Plankowners

Front: George Debo, Don Gentry, Ric Hedman, Bob Opple, Denny Doyle

Rear: Peter McCafferty, Charlie Ryan, Phil Ward, Robert Vanderway, Karl Krompholz, Dave Goodson

Charlie Ryan


Denny Doyle

Peter McCaffery, George Debo, Bob Opple


Karl Krompholz

Don Gentry


Phil Ward

Engine room


Dave Goodson, Ric Hedman

George Debo hitting the beach


Denny Doyle "up ladder"

Another of the crew