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Howard Gilmore, Captain USN
Submitted by Eugene Mazza   Created 12/17/2000
I attempted to gather information about Cdr. Gilmore's youth prior to his enlisting in the U. S. Navy. He was born on 29 September 1902, in Selma, Alabama. I contacted various organizations in Selma, but was not successful in gathering any information about his youth. I also tried to obtain information about his high school years. I found that he attended two high schools. The Meridian High School, Meridian, Mississippi and Ball High School, Galveston, Texas. The Galveston ISD administration office has a record of Howard Gilmore entering the ninth grade at Ball High School in June 1916. They have no grades listed for him, no graduation date, nothing else 1. Here again, no additional information was available. Since Cdr. Gilmore received his appointment to the United States Naval Academy from Louisiana, I tried to contact various organizations in New Orleans, Louisiana. I was informed that no information was available. I also contacted various genealogy organizations to see if they had any background. Once again, no luck. I then contacted The United States Naval Academy, Special Collections and Archives Division, William W. Jeffries Memorial Archives. Here I obtained information from the Lucky Bag, [Midshipmen's Yearbook], documents from his midshipman personnel file and his biography. The information about the history of the U. S. S. Growler was from The Periscope, Naval History, SUBNET, Submarine Sailor and many other naval publications. 

After graduating from High School, Mr. Gilmore, on 15 November 1920, enlisted in the U. S. Navy. At that time he was living with his parents at 1021 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana. His father's occupation was listed as a Clothier. After serving approximately eighteen months as an enlisted man, he achieved the rate of Yeoman 2C and was stationed at the United States Naval Training Station, San Francisco, California. Through competitive examinations, he received the appointment to the United States Naval Academy by the Honorable Edwin Denby A.L., U.S. Navy from the State of Louisiana. He was admitted to the Academy as a midshipman on 21 June 1922. 

It should be noted that his declaration and appointment pages were taken from the United States Naval Academy Special Collections and Archives Division. 



USNA Declaration - Howard Walter Gilmore

Appointment - Howard Walter Gilmore


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