John "Steamboat" Fulton
Received via email on 7/17/2001:

If y'all remember that Tim Spoon brought his young Granddaughter (a descendant of Charley Goodnight) with him to the Bash to meet some of his old cronies, and especially to meet the Sons of the San Joaquin. Now the Sons revered Charley Goodnight (one of the Pioneers, explorers and cattle barons of west Texas). They even wrote a song about him entitled "Charley and the Boys". So.... when Tim introduced Briana to the Sons, they fell all over themselves to shake her hand. They in turn introduced her to all in attendance. She was indeed a celebrity that day. Being the Lady that Briana is, she acted with all humility , though I could tell she was bursting inside with all the attention. It was with a sad heart that i bid farewell to Tim and his lovely Granddaughter that beautiful Sunday afternoon.

But that is not the end of the story..... A week later on my return flight home we had one of those talkative pilots (which i really enjoy when flying over unfamiliar territory). He pointed out any place worth mentioning. Halfway to Dallas-Ft. Worth he said "on the right is Amarillo Texas, and on the left is the beautiful Cedar Canyon, where the play "Texas" is performed every summer, the story of Charley Goodnight". 

This was just one of the many moments of magic that made the Bash at the Ranch so very special in all of our hearts, and will remain there forever.

Steamboat sends

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