Foxtrot Radio Club

On the Russian Foxtrot Class Submarine

At Pier 48

Seattle Washington

Club Call: KR7SUB

(Station shut down as of 3/19/2005)

The Foxtrot will be moving to San Diego...

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The Foxtrot Radio Club was started by Don Sass (KC700) in November 2002.

The shack is currently equipped with an ICOM IC-746PRO
and vertical antenna.

Any licensed amateur radio operator may join the radio club.  Click here for an application form in MS Word format or here for Adobe pdf format

Hours of Operation and Directions:
For operating hours, please refer to the latest information on the submarine's website.  Directions are also on the that site.

Contact Information:
For further information, contact Don Sass.

Station Activity:

2/23/2003: Don Sass (KC7OO) and Jon Meigs (WB1AJJ) relocate the vertical to the RDF mast on the submarine (putting much more distance between it and the periscopes) with great success.  We are now officially - and functionally - on the air!  


The station is set up on the evening of December 8, 2002.

Club Roster

Name Call QTH Subvet?
Don Sass KC7OO Everett, Washington X
Ron Rueter K7PA Everett, Washington  
Don Gentry K4SUB Renton, Washington X
Harry Bryant AA2WN Pennsville, New Jersey X
Michael Key KD7PBK Sundance, Wyoming  
Jonathan Meigs WB1AJJ Seattle, Washington  
Andreas Benson K7ATB Renton, Washington X

Silent Keys

Name Call QTH Subvet? SK
George Folta W7KEG Kirkland, Washington X 12/2003

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