(Postcard dated 1946)
Courtesy of Mike Brood

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Subic Bay, Philippines in March 1945.

Rest leave. . . Note the fancy quarters, manicured lawn, etc.

Perth, Australia in June 1945

Rest leave at the King Edward Hotel


As a further memorial there have been streets named for all the boats that were lost.

We all enjoyed and appreciated the hospitality of the residents from the Perth/Frematle area.
Submariners considered it be the very BEST place to have rest leave

OK! 'nuff of this fun stuff.
Let's sink those #!%&! Japs

Guam Fall 1945

Camp Dealey . . . R & R

Swim Call: Many days we had a swim call before returning to Apra Harbor after exercises.

Nested Submarines:

San Diego 1946

Back in the good old USA

USS Blenny SS-324, San Francisco Bay, April 1946

Now the Russians are coming . . .
The Russians are coming!