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Pacific Northwest Submarine Heritage Association... Deterrent Park

Do you want to see what a WWII Gato Class Submarine looks like? Then go to this site. The USS COD SS-224 has been preserved and is on display at Cleveland, Ohio. The pictures and text are excellent.

The USS Gunnel
An historical page, most of the entries come from either Deck Logs or Patrol Reports. Most research was done at the National Archives in College Park, MD. Photos were donated by members of the crew.

Deep Domain
This site is a tribute to the Submarines of America's Silent Service and features profiles of the USS CAVALLA and other submarines found in the USA that serve as memorials/museums. Each profile is packed with information about the boat and crews, historical and current photos, war patrols, and links to other home pages. There is a page on the history of the USS Blenny.

Ron Martini's Navy Submarine Base
This submarine page contains over 1000 direct links to other submarine sites and information on the Internet. This is a very comprehensive submarine site including a BBS and the source for submarine books.

Cyberspace Association of U.S. Submariners is a "unique association of unique individuals" who've come together to help some kids, in memory of lost shipmates, while maintaining the camaraderie only those who've earned the "Dolphins" know and understand.

The USS Ben Franklin
Visit Nuclear Submarine USS BEN FRANKLIN SSBN640. A personal photobook of Franklin crew member TM2(SS) Tom McAndrews.

Myron's Submarine Page
Myron's Submarine Page shares a few of his moments and memories. Myron has included an Art Gallery with great water color paintings depicting submarine actions.

The USS Queenfish
Welcome to the USS Queenfish Home page. Dedicated to two of the Navy's finest submarines, (SS393) and (SSN651) and Dennis Charles Knapp.

Sid Harrison's Navy Days
Sid's naval career including service on the USS Blenny. Check out his very comprehensive submarine listing of non-nuke boats. This site also contains the most complete background information regarding the "SILVER DOLPHINS" issue.

The USS Sea Robin
Presented are the details of Sea Robin's Construction ... accounts of her Three War Patrols... a photo journal of the historic Trip Around Cape Horn...continuing on with the Post War Modernization...highlights of her 26 years of Service to Our Country.....concluding with the Solemn Decommissioning Ceremony.

The USS Ling
Excellent site with some great below decks photos. This tour of the USS LING will take you through all of the major compartments on board the submarine, as well as areas that are off limits on normal tours.

USS Barb SSN 596
Welcome aboard bubble heads and skimmer pukes. My name is Britt V. Meyerhoeffer. I was an RM2(SS) on the USS Barb from 12/84 till 4/89.

Dutch Submarines
The Submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy 1906 - 1999. Excellent well layed out site.

Dutch submarine Hr.Ms.Potvis (S804) is an old, unique design 3-cylinder sub from the Netherlands. Interesting war-time design.

Ron's Submarine's Covers
Submarine postal covers

The Veterans Alliance Service Center
Never again worry about where to find the answers to veteran and military questions. Be it benefits, pay or dealing with the VA it's all here at VetsCom's VASC. Over 20 areas of information and assistance. From the very basics to the tough ones on VA procedures. The VASC and it's staff of area experts can handle it all. And best of all it is 100% free sponsored by the American Veterans Alliance and posts of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Legion, AMVETS, The MOC and the 40&8.

Ships and Tonnage Sunk or Damaged by US Submarines in WWII
Ric Hedman's ongoing project to show results for all the subs in WWII. This is a monumental task! Also, while at Ric's site, be sure to check out his section on "Through the Looking Glass". It is a very comprehensive photo history of submarines!

Welcome to John's place
The heart of this website centers on my real experiences that span twenty years of submarine life aboard eight submarines and then some . . .