The Royal Court

The Royal Court passed "sentences" on all lowly pollywogs which always ended with...WALKING THE PLANK!
Front:..L-R..Bahr (Royal Sec'y), Graff (Royal Princess), Hammond (Queen), Sanford (Neptunus Rex), Shafer (Davy Jones), Votrobek (Royal Baby), Belt (King's Jester)

Back:..L-R...? (Royal Chief of Police), Toon ( Executioner), ?, Matuzic (?), Vander Moere (?), Finley (?), Block (Royal Barber), Batty (?), ?, ?, Roof (?), Farmer (?), Taylor (Royal Physician)

Note how far advanced the BLENNY was in 1945. Undoubtedly, we were the FIRST sub with "FEMALES" aboard . . . We had the Queen known as "Queenie" and we had the Royal Princess known as "WOW". Also we had a MALE secretary!

'Nuff of this (#%!&^) political correctness!

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