The day before the war ended the USS Blenny returned from war patrol #4 to Subic Bay, Philippines .

Welcome Home

Fresh Fruit

Mail Call

? ? ?

Officers at end of war

. . . One month later

15 August 1945

Subic Bay, PI

Blenny was out in the bay doing her sound runs when the word came that the war was over. By way of celebrating, sound tests were terminated, and all engines were started. Underway, the "smoke makers" were put on line and we charged around the bay laying a smoke screen. All the very pistol and flare shells were shot off, while elsewhere around the bay could be seen others firing off their flares, etc. One could also "hear" firearms from many directions. The admiral (Fife, I believe) was rather upset with this display, but under the circumstances, nothing much was ever said.

Times Square in New York City

This sailor and nurse had their own unique way of celebrating the end of the war.

WOW! that's the way to celebrate.

Celebrating in San Diego

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Jap surrender on 2 Sept 1945