Submarine Recycling Program
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

The following photos were taken by Harry Higgins.  Here's the message from Harry that came along with the photos:

"... the photos are about 4 years old now, but I was there just recently for a boat reunion and it still looks somewhat the same. I took the photos from a harbor tour boat that is no longer in business. This is at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton WA.

The only one I can identify for sure is the Triton, which is the old one next to the skimmer hull in #11. There is a Skipjack class boat next to it, and a Permit class behind it with the sail visible between it and the skimmer.

Some other hull numbers visible are 661 (with the battle E still showing), 675, and 639. I have also noticed at least 2 L.A. class boats and several old boomers. The old Long Beach, CGN 9, is also there minus it's superstructure. My own boat, the 603, was broken up here in 1995.

Some of the sub parts have been recycled. The sail from the 637 sits outside the Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport WA, about 10 miles north of Bremerton. The museum also features a completely salvaged and rebuilt 594 class control room, right down to that accursed blue tile we all had to wax. The sail and rudder from the Woodrow Wilson have been mounted at Detterent Park, outside the Trident Training Facility at Sub Base Bangor. And, in perhaps the wackiest example of that whole swords-into-plowshares thing, a couple dozen sailplanes have been mounted on edge in Warren G. Magnuson Park in Seattle in a manner meant to resemble a pod of orcas. You'd have to see it."

Photo #11

About Harry Higgins:

"I went to Nuc school in 1978, and was assigned to the "M" division of USS Pollack SSN 603 in March of 1979. We completed a Subsafe overhaul at Mare Island and returned to San Diego, where I went on two Westpacs before being discharged in August 1983 as an MM1(SS). I subsequently did two more years in the active and inactive reserve, mostly standing duty at Sub Base Bangor.

I attended the University of Washington and got my degree. I am now a News Photographer at the Fox affiliated TV station in Seattle. I still have an avid interest in submarines and recently was able to ride the Michigan for a documentary project.

Still photography is my hobby, thus the photos of the Graveyard on Nucs.



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